BCGA provide a range of publications providing safety information and advice on best practice, as well as guidance on associated legal requirements within the UK. BCGA’s Mission is to promote safety in the use, storage, transportation and handling of industrial, food and medical gases.

As BCGA also involve and keep informed government bodies, Competent Authorities and Regulators, such as the Department for Transport and the national Environment Agencies, during the development of these publications they are generally accepted as being an appropriate and safe way of working. As such, they give positive examples of best practice and are recognised for this by the enforcement agencies, such as the Health and Safety Executive. It should be noted that in the event of any legal action, either criminal or civil, the courts are likely to use BCGA documents as a measure of what may be reasonably practicable.

All publications are reviewed and updated on a regular basis, available electronically and can be downloaded for free. Selected publications are only available to BCGA members; please login to gain access. To view a full list of all available BCGA publications click here.

In exceptional circumstances where a printed (hard copy) of a document is required, a charge will be made. If you require a printed document, please contact the BCGA office.
Please note: Printed copies of a publication can take a minimum of 5 working days to be delivered.

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L1 The carriage of small quantities of gas cylinders. Revision 6: 2021

04/08/2021 Leaflets L1

Highlights the legal and basic safety requirements for transporting small quantities of gas cylinders on a vehicle whilst at work and provides sound advice if transporting gas cylinders for personal use.

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L2 The safe handling of gas cylinders at waste facilities. Revision 6: 2016

11/05/2016 Leaflets L2

Provides guidance on the safe and appropriate actions that should be taken to manage gas cylinders at a waste facility. This includes establishing that a cylinder is in a safe condition, any contents are identified and that there is a legal right to carry out any disposal activity.

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L6 Cylinders in fires. Revision 6: 2022

22/04/2022 Leaflets L6

BCGA Leaflet L6 provides advice on the actions to take in the event of a fire on or near gas cylinders.

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L7 The dangers of misusing gases. Revision 4: 2016

15/09/2016 Leaflets L7

Highlights the dangers of misusing gases and the potential hazards that can occur if gases are used irresponsibly.

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L10 Profit through quality. Good gas, good business. Revision 3: 2016

03/08/2016 Leaflets L10

Provides guidance to licensees on choosing safe cylinders providing the correct quality gas for use in beverage dispense.

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L11 Safety checks for cryogenic tanks. Revision 2: 2020

01/07/2021 Leaflets L11

BCGA Leaflet 11 outlines some daily safety checks that users responsible for cryogenic tanks are to carry out. These are independent of safety checks which gas supply companies' drivers will conduct at delivery times.

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L12 Liquid gas storage tanks – your responsibilities. Revision 1. 2017

01/08/2017 Leaflets L12

An information leaflet which reminds users and owners of liquid gas storage tanks of their legal duties and responsibilities to ensure the equipment is installed, maintained and operated safely.

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L13 Medical gases. Medical oxygen in a vehicle. Revision 3: 2020

22/07/2020 Leaflets L13

This leaflet highlights the key safety information for patients and drivers where medical oxygen cylinders or medical liquid oxygen equipment is used and / or transported for personal use in a vehicle.

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L16 The safe use of electronic cigarettes and other electronic devices used near medical oxygen. Revision 1: 2020

03/03/2020 Leaflets L16

This leaflet highlights key safety information where medical oxygen and associated oxygen equipment is in use and where people may want to use electronic devices or electronic cigarettes.

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L17 – Information for customers collecting gas cylinders

16/02/2022 Leaflets L17

Basic information and safety advice for customers collecting gas cylinders

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L19 Abuse of nitrous oxide. 2020

01/12/2020 Leaflets L19

Provides information on nitrous oxide and highlights the dangers from its abuse. It supports the BCGA campaign encouraging a ban on consumer sales.

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L21 Cryogenic installations. Managing ice build-up. 2021

21/07/2021 Leaflets L21

Outlines the problems associated with an increasing quantity of ice formation within a cryogenic installation and provides a methodology for safely removing the ice.

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