BCGA provide a range of publications providing safety information and advice on best practice, as well as guidance on associated legal requirements within the UK. BCGA’s Mission is to promote safety in the use, storage, transportation and handling of industrial, food and medical gases.

As BCGA also involve and keep informed government bodies, Competent Authorities and Regulators, such as the Department for Transport and the national Environment Agencies, during the development of these publications they are generally accepted as being an appropriate and safe way of working. As such, they give positive examples of best practice and are recognised for this by the enforcement agencies, such as the Health and Safety Executive. It should be noted that in the event of any legal action, either criminal or civil, the courts are likely to use BCGA documents as a measure of what may be reasonably practicable.

All publications are reviewed and updated on a regular basis, available electronically and can be downloaded for free. Selected publications are only available to BCGA members; please login to gain access. To view a full list of all available BCGA publications click here.

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TR1 A method for estimating the offsite risks from bulk storage of liquefied oxygen. Revision 2: 2018

08/10/2018 Technical Reports TR1

Describes the hazards from exposure to oxygen enriched air: if so exposed, the chance of being seriously injured: a method for estimating the evaporation of liquid oxygen and how the oxygen vapour disperses: and the chance of a large spill occurring. Originally published in 1984, subsequent revisions have updated the structure and format of the document but not the technical content.

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TR2 The probability of fatality in oxygen enriched atmospheres due to spillage of liquid oxygen. Revision 2: 2018

08/10/2018 Technical Reports TR2

Provides information on the harmful effects of oxygen releases on personnel, and includes probability data based on lower rates of smoking among people at work. Originally published in 1999, subsequent revisions have updated the structure and format of the document but not the technical content.

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TR3 Replacement substances for the cleaning of oxygen system components. Revision 2: 2020

27/07/2020 Technical Reports TR3

The Montreal Protocol and EU Council Regulation 3093/94 made the traditionally-used substances for oxygen cleaning unacceptable. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) commissioned a study by South Bank University into alternative methods of oxygen cleaning. This report is the outcome of that study and is published by BCGA on behalf of the MoD. This publication has been approved within the BCGA for continued availability, despite no formal review of its content being undertaken.

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