Thinking of becoming a BCGA member?

BCGA represents the interests of the UK industrial, food and medical gases sector and maintains a close rapport with Government Departments, Regulators, Enforcement Agencies and other relevant Trade Associations.

The objectives of the BCGA are the promotion of technology and safe practice.

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Membership categories

There are currently two categories of BCGA Membership and a Start-Up Scheme designed to reflect the needs of the gases industry. These are:


Full Membership

For companies or individuals who have any practical involvement in the manufacture, mixing, handling, sales, distribution, storage or transportation of industrial, food and medical related gases or equipment.


Associate Membership

For companies or individuals who have no practical involvement as noted in Full membership, and is therefore for designers, consultants, training providers, academics, interested individuals involved with the industry, other associations or simply those that regularly use gases in their work environment.


Start-up Scheme

The Start-Up Scheme is designed to support young companies working in the compressed gases industry.

Companies in the early stage of their business are now able to join the trade body, under the BCGA’s new start-up scheme.


Membership benefits

As a member you’ll have access to a wide variety of benefits and services to help you develop your company including:

  • Certificate of Membership
  • Information about all the latest news and updates in our industry
  • The opportunity to influence oncoming regulation and guidance produced by Government
  • The opportunity to be involved in developing standards (BS EN ISO) for our industry
  • Technical advice
  • Interaction with other members
  • The right to attend any of our Technical Sub-Committees
  • Access to all BCGA publications
  • The opportunity to be involved in writing BCGA publications
  • Being able to attend the BCGA Conference at Member Rates
  • Appropriate listings on the BCGA website
  • Use of BCGA logo

Industrial influence

BCGA committees produce various publications including Codes of Practice, which are supported by such as the Department for Transport, the Health and Safety Executive. and the National Environment Agencies. They also provide guidance on many aspects of the production, transport, storage and use of industrial, food and medical gases.

Members of the Association also contribute to British, European and International standards-making and co-operate closely with international gases organisations such as the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA). Such activities enable us not only to influence matters that affect the gases industry, but also to bring to Members’ notice early warning of impending items of legislation that could have an influence on their operations.

Applying for membership

Becoming a BCGA member couldn’t be easier.

Simply download and fill in the membership application and turnover declaration forms using the links below, once completed and signed, please either email to or post it back to us at 4a Mallard Way, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8GX.

If you have any questions regarding BCGA membership, then please don’t hesitate to contact the BCGA office.


Why people joined the BCGA

Over the past 30 years I have been a member of the BCGA in one form or another, either a representative of a large corporate member or as now, an individual running my own company. During that time, I have represented BOC, GCE and Gentec until 2012, it was then I started my own consultancy company and BCGA membership is now under Gas Con ltd.

Membership of the BCGA has always been a place for networking with other member companies and an excellent source of information from the numerous individuals with years of experience. As a member under my own consultancy company the association with the BCGA gives a level credibility that my clients perceive as a level of excellence, experience and knowledge. This gives the end user confidence in the information and guidance I offer as a consultant with the knowledge that the codes of practice, guidance notes or technical information is the very best it can be at that time.

I can never see a day that I wouldn’t be a member of the BCGA and a willing participant in ensuring the gases industry is the safest it can be.

Simon Fisher
Managing Director, Gas-Con

As an equipment supplier into the UK compressed gases sector, Cavagna Group UK has found great value in the representation it has on BCGA technical committees as a means of understanding and influencing the content of standards which pertain to our product portfolio and markets. 

The opportunity to contribute to the ‘voice of the industry’ on key subjects affecting our business including product conformity and compliance in a post-Brexit world has allowed Cavagna Group UK to have its interests represented at a Governmental level to the extent which would not have otherwise been possible.  We also recognise the significant role that BCGA plays in encouraging safety within the industry, activities to attract younger people to the industry, and the promotion of initiatives that have a wider societal benefit, particularly in relation to substance abuse.

Rob Arnot
Managing Director, Cavagna Group UK

I originally joined the BCGA as an Independent company. The BCGA gave me access to the best technical advice through  the technical committees in gases, equipment and logistics. This ensured that my company could be confident that it remained fully compliant and legal in our UK and overseas markets”

Chris Street
Director – Global Strategy and Customer Experience, Calgaz Limited

Being a part of a Trade Association is an important part of an Industry being able to speak with one cohesive voice to governments and legislators on important matters that have a common bearing such as agreeing standards and the impact of legislation often in advance of their issue. For the compressed gases and associated equipment industry the BCGA provides all that and more and we are happy to be a part of that.

Not only does the BCGA represent a common voice to government and regulators on matters such as industry standards, influencing and determining the impact of current and proposed legislation, it also provides great resources to those working in the compressed gas and associated equipment sector offering guidance on many technical subjects, in effect pooling the collective know-how from its members to ensure best practice on safety, quality and environmental matters.

Jim Mercer
Executive Director, Operations, BOC Limited