BCGA has a dedicated team who work hard both behind the scenes, and within high profile roles to share their knowledge and expertise to support its members.

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Ellen Daniels


Ellen joined the British Compressed Gases Association as CEO in February 2020, where she began almost immediately working on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry, as medical gases were a key focus during this time. After over 18 months in the role, Ellen has been working on major issues for the industry, ranging from the wave of new regulations because of Brexit to STEM and encouraging young people into the industry. Before joining BCGA, Ellen was Head of Public Affairs and Policy at the British Coatings Federation for almost five years, where a big part of her role was focused on Brexit and REACH. Prior to joining the BCF, she worked for in both the UK and European Parliaments, she then spent two years at a public affairs company working with clients in the energy, education and health sectors.

Jake Lake

Technical Manager, BCGA

Jake joined the BCGA in 2011. Jake has been in engineering all his working life, initially with service in the Royal Navy as an aircraft engineer, with increasing responsibilities for the operation of naval aircraft from HM Ships, until completing as a Desk officer providing technical guidance in support of naval aviation. From 2002 he worked for the Ministry of Defence as the Gases Regulator providing the MoD lead for the safe use of gases, gaseous policy and standards as well as representing the UK at NATO. Jake Chairs and is an active member of several BSI, CEN and ISO standards committees. Jake is a Member of the IMechE, the IET and the Energy Institute.

Emily Foster

Committees and Technical Executive, BCGA

Emily joined the British Compressed Gases Association as Committees and Technical Executive in March 2023. Emily graduated with a MChem degree in 2013 and started her career working in technical development in the aerosol industry. Before joining BCGA, Emily was the Regulatory Affairs Manager at the British Coatings Federation for three years, this role focused predominantly on monitoring and providing guidance on changes to chemical regulations including CLP, REACH and Biocidal Products Regulations, with a large part of the role focused on the UKs implementation of new regulation since Brexit. Emily’s role at BCF also included being an active member of several BSI standards committee’s and leading on the coating industries commitment to Net Zero by 2050.

BCGA Council (Board of Directors)

Chris Street

BCGA President,
Air Liquide

Ellen Daniels


David Rix

Managing Director,

Reida Benbelkacem

Managing Director,
Air Liquide UK Ltd.

Colin Trundley

Operations Director,
Nippon Gases Ltd.

Charlotte Hallworth

Managing Director,
Cavagna Group UK Ltd.

David Maitland

Operations Director, UK, Ireland, Israel, Italy and Norway
Air Products Plc.

Tim Hulbert

General Manager,
Busch (UK) Ltd.

Mark Lawday

Vice President and General Manager,
Luxfer Gas Cylinders Ltd.

Nigel Ord

Managing Director,
GCE Group

David Hurren

Managing Director,
DAH Renewable Consulting Ltd

BCGA Technical Committee (Chairs of the Technical Sub-Committees)

John White

Air Products Plc.
Chair of TSC1

Iain Davey

Blended Products Limited
Chair of TSC5

David Hurren

BCGA President
Chair of TSC9

Warren Hepples

Luxfer Gas Cylinders Ltd.
Chair of TSC2


BCGA Member Co.
Chair of TSC6


BCGA Member Co.
Chair of TSC

Simon Fisher

Gas Con Ltd.
Chair of TSC3

Peter Henrys

BOC Ltd.
Chair of TSC7

Kelly Vasir

Cavagna Group (UK) Ltd.
Chair of Future Leaders

Darren Weston

Air Liquide UK Ltd.
Chair of TSC4

Nigel Anderson

BOC Ltd.
Chair of TSC8


BCGA’s Council (Board of Directors) is made up of appointed members plus the CEO.

BCGA is governed by our Articles of Association, which are available here.

The CEO Chair’s our Technical Committee which is made up of the Chair of the Future Leaders committee and the Chairs of the 10 Technical Sub-Committees, which look at the following topics:

  • TSC1 – Cryogenics, tanks & vessels
  • TSC2 – Cylinders and valves
  • TSC3 – Equipment (regulators, hoses etc.)
  • TSC4 – Transport
  • TSC5 – Chemistry and applications
  • TSC6 – Health and Safety
  • TSC7 – Medical gases
  • TSC8 – Environment
  • TSC9 – Hydrogen & other gaseous fuels
  • TSC10 – Security

To find out more about joining the BCGA and getting involved in the committees, please contact: admin@bcga.co.uk