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TIS3 Three seat cutting nozzles – Dimensions. Revision 1: 2012

01/09/2012 Technical Information Sheets TIS3

The information contained in TIS 3 has been incorporated into BCGA CP 7, Revision 7, Corrigendum 1: 2017.

You can download Code of Practice 7 here:

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TIS6 Gas cylinder identification. Label and colour code requirements. Revision 4: 2023

10/11/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS6

An explanation of the content of a typical gas cylinder label and a guide to the colour codes used on gas cylinders.

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TIS7 Guidelines for the safe transportation, storage, use and disposal of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice). Revision 3: 2021

13/01/2021 Technical Information Sheets TIS7

Information and safety advice on all aspects of handling and using solid carbon dioxide (dry ice).

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TIS8 Information for customers collecting gas cylinders. Revision 2: 2015

28/10/2015 Technical Information Sheets TIS8

This document is obsolete and has been replaced by Leaflet 17, Information for customers collecting gas cylinders.
You can download Leaflet 17 here

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TIS9 Gas safety in the hospitality industry. Revision 3: 2018

20/12/2018 Technical Information Sheets TIS9

A safety checklist for those who purchase gas cylinders containing food quality gases for beverage dispense and/or manage those cylinders in the cellar.

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TIS10 ISO 5145 valve outlet connections. Effect on cylinder equipment. Revision 4: 2023

12/10/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS10

Provides advice on valve outlet connections listed within BS 341 and their relationship with ISO 5145.

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TIS12 Handle gas cylinders safely. Information for customers handling gas cylinders. Revision 2: 2015

08/10/2015 Technical Information Sheets TIS12

This document is obsolete and has been replaced by Leaflet 18, Information for customers handling gas cylinders. You can download Leaflet 18 below.

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TIS13 Gas Cylinders – Decanting Gases. Revision 2: 2015

03/08/2015 Technical Information Sheets TIS13

This document is obsolete and has been replaced by Code of Practice 43, The safe filling of gas cylinders.

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TIS15 Model risk assessment for the storage and use of gas cylinders for oxy-fuel applications. Revision 1: 2015

18/11/2015 Technical Information Sheets TIS15

This document has been withdrawn, refer to Code of Practice 7, The safe use of oxy-fuel gas equipment (individual portable or mobile cylinder supply).

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TIS16 The storage of gas cylinders containing corrosive gas at users’ premises. Revision 1: 2014

06/06/2014 Technical Information Sheets TIS16

Cylinders containing corrosive gas are perfectly safe when handled and stored appropriately. This document provides guidance on the safe storage of cylinders containing corrosive gases at the users' premises.

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TIS17 Model risk assessment for the manual handling of gas cylinders. Revision 1: 2016

09/05/2016 Technical Information Sheets TIS17

This document has been withdrawn, refer to Guidance Note 3, Gas cylinder – Manual handling operations.
You can download Guidance Note 3 below

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TIS18 Date marking of gas accessories. Revision 3: 2018

08/05/2018 Technical Information Sheets TIS18

Manufacturers & suppliers use various systems to identify the date at which certain items will require replacement or refurbishment. This document identifies the marking system employed by some BCGA members.

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TIS20 Medical gases. BCGA policy on colour coding. Revision 3: 2023

28/06/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS20

This document sets out the BCGA policy for the colours used on a medical gas cylinder, for both the body and the shoulder, to differentiate medical gases from other gases and to assist in the identification of the gas within. It then details the conversion program to implement the changes required.

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TIS21 Medical gases. BCGA policy on valve outlets. Revision 3: 2023

29/06/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS21

This document details the BCGA policy, agreed with the MHRA, on rationalising the number of different valve outlets available for medical gases to minimise the risk of administering the wrong gas to a patient and discusses the conversion program in place to implement the changes required.

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TIS22 Connecting Gas Cylinders. Revision 2: 2021

04/11/2021 Technical Information Sheets TIS22

Technical Information Sheet 22 (TIS 22) provides a recommended procedure for safely connecting gas cylinders to equipment.

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TIS23 BCGA Policy regarding the ongoing safety and integrity of static cryogenic liquid storage tanks. Revision 1: 2022

17/02/2022 Technical Information Sheets TIS23

BCGA allow a revalidation, in lieu of an internal examination, of static cryogenic liquid storage vessels to be carried out. This document sets out the rationale and evidence in support of this policy.

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TIS24 Welding Fumes – Safety Alert. Revision 1: 2013

03/10/2013 Technical Information Sheets TIS24

BCGA, working with the HSE and other stakeholders, has published this safety alert to highlight the hazards from welding fume. It explains the hazard and encourages correct behaviour and the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

This publication has been replaced by Safety Alert 3, Welding Fumes.

You can download Safety Alert 3 here:

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TIS26 Model risk assessment for the transport of gas cylinders. 2012

26/07/2012 Technical Information Sheets TIS26

This document has been withdrawn, refer to Technical Information Sheet 49, Risk assessment considerations for activities involving compressed gas cylinders within the workplace

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TIS27 Risk assessment guidance for the safe use of liquid nitrogen dewars. Revision 1: 2020

28/04/2020 Technical Information Sheets TIS27

Provides guidance when carrying out a risk assessment on the specific hazards associated with using dewars containing liquid nitrogen.

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TIS28 Non-refillable cylinders. Revision 1: 2021

16/04/2021 Technical Information Sheets TIS28

Non-refillable cylinders are widely used. They have similar hazards to other types of gas cylinders and are required to comply with the appropriate legislation and standards, as well as undergoing conformity assessment. Once empty they must not be refilled and must be disposed of responsibly.

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TIS29 Oxy-fuel gas equipment. Selection and assembly. Revision 1: 2023

13/10/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS29

A summary of the requirements for selecting and assembling oxy-fuel gas equipment which supports the requirements of BCGA Code of Practice 7.

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TIS30 Working in reduced oxygen atmospheres. Revision 2: 2019

24/09/2019 Technical Information Sheets TIS30

There are safety issues where controlled workplace atmospheres are in use, for example, ‘Hypoxic air' fire suppression systems, where lower than normal oxygen levels are present. This Technical Information Sheet provides advice and guidance to installers and premise owners where these systems are, or are about to be, fitted, for the safety of those who are required to access such spaces.

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TIS31 Gas classification changes under ISO 10156. Revision 2: 2024

19/01/2024 Technical Information Sheets TIS31

Highlights changes made to the classification of some gas mixtures under the scope of ISO 10156 and identifies the significant actions to be carried out by the gas supplier and the gas user.

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TIS32 Acetylene or propane (for welding, cutting and allied processes). Revision 2: 2019

02/07/2019 Technical Information Sheets TIS32

This document provides technical information on the different properties of acetylene and propane to help the user make an informed choice when choosing a fuel gas for welding, cutting and allied processes.

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TIS36 Medical gases. The safe handling and use of gas cylinders fitted with valves with integrated pressure regulators. Revision 1: 2023

20/11/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS36

Some medical gas cylinders integrate pressure regulators within the cylinder valve. TIS 36 provides advice on the safe handling and use of such cylinders.

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TIS37 Medical Gases. Gas cylinder cleanliness standards. Revision 2: 2019

18/06/2019 Technical Information Sheets TIS37

Details the requirement to keep medical gas cylinders clean and covers the methods used to either clean the external surface or to return a cylinder in protective packaging. It does not address the internal condition of a gas container or the quality of the gas within.

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TIS38 Moving gas cylinders and bundles within the workplace. Revision 1: 2022

06/05/2022 Technical Information Sheets TIS38

Provides information on the different methods available to safely carry out the movement of gas cylinders and bundles.

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TIS39 Medical Gases. Quality control and batch certification of bulk medicinal liquid oxygen. Revision 1: 2023

24/11/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS39

Details both the practical and scientific justification for a concession allowed by the medical regulatory authorities for the retrospective release by a qualified person (QP) of bulk medical liquid oxygen.

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TIS40 Gas cylinders at crime scenes. Revision 1: 2022

06/01/2022 Technical Information Sheets TIS40

Addresses the safety concerns for personnel at a crime scene where gas cylinders are present, and which may have also been used during the crime. It provides advice on staying safe when approaching and handling gas cylinders, as well as points of contact with industry experts. It will be of particular interest to Police and other law enforcement agencies.

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TIS41 Cylinders provided for the return of waste ozone depleting substances, fluorinated gases and anhydrous ammonia. 2019

26/07/2019 Technical Information Sheets TIS41

Provides information on the use of recovery cylinders for the return of waste ozone depleting substances, fluorinated gases and anhydrous ammonia either for preparation for re-use or for disposal, and identifies the appropriate environmental waste duty of care process.

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TIS42 Medical gases. Data Integrity Policy. 2018

17/01/2018 Technical Information Sheets TIS42

This document is obsolete and has been withdrawn. For information on data integrity, refer to BCGA GN 37

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TIS43 Gas cylinder filling. Audit. Revision 1: 2023

16/10/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS43

Filling cylinders has to be carried out at specially equipped centres, with qualified staff, using appropriate procedures. This document contains a checklist which can be used to assist in an audit of a cylinder filling facility.

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TIS44 Human factors. 2019

14/05/2019 Technical Information Sheets TIS44

Human factors influence behaviour at work in a way that could affect health and safety. This document focuses on human factors whilst at work within the gases industry.

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TIS46 Transportable gas cylinders. Valve life. 2019

11/07/2019 Technical Information Sheets TIS46

Gas cylinder valves are initially allocated a life by the manufacturer. Valves are marked with a date. This document provides guidance on managing the service life of a valve.

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TIS47 Manned security guarding. 2019

12/12/2019 Technical Information Sheets TIS47

Many members employ the services of security guards to protect their sites, assets and people. This publication provides guidance on the selection and operational use of security guards and security services as well the responsibilities of those involved in the management of security guards.

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TIS48 Gas equipment. Security cages. 2021

21/05/2021 Technical Information Sheets TIS48

Gas cylinders and associated equipment require safe and secure storage. Provides guidance to enhance security where cages are used to store gas equipment.

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TIS49 Risk assessment considerations for activities involving compressed gas cylinders within the workplace. 2023

27/04/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS49

The handling, storage and use of gas cylinders is potentially hazardous and requires suitable and sufficient risk assessment. This document assists in the risk assessment process, providing information on the hazards associated with gases and gas cylinders.

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TIS50 Security of facilities where medical gases may be present. 2023

22/08/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS50

Provides advice on the management of security at facilities where a medical gas may be present. It is intended for those in management control of such facilities.

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TIS51 The selection and fitting of valves to gas cylinders. 2023

07/11/2023 Technical Information Sheets TIS51

Details the process of choosing and fitting a valve so that it is compatible with both the gas cylinder and the gas it contains.

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TIS53 Illicit operators and stolen gas cylinders. 2024

22/01/2024 Technical Information Sheets TIS53

The theft of gas cylinders takes them outside of the control of the legitimate, legally regulated and quality-assured asset owner and operator. This document highlights the significant risks.

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