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BCGA Members Awards Submission Form

11/11/2021 News

The BCGA Member Awards are completely free to enter. Complete the submission form before Tuesday 1st March 2022.

BCGA Member Awards 2022

08/11/2021 News

2021 saw us hold our first Digital Conference and launch the BCGA Member Awards, but 2022 will be the year we come together in person to celebrate the achievements of the industry at the BCGA Annual Conference. At BCGA, we want to give the industry a chance to recognise colleagues, leaders and friends in the […]

EIGA Safety Leaflet 11 / 21 – Health Care Facility – Oxygen Fire Safety

01/12/2021 News

EIGA has issued this new publication. There are critical steps Healthcare Facilities can take to reduce the risk of fires involving medical oxygen This publication can be viewed or downloaded on the EIGA Website by clicking here. You can view or download many other EIGA publications at the following address:

BCGA issue new Guidance Note 44 – Portable or mobile cylinder gas equipment. Thorough inspection.

01/09/2021 News Publications

This guidance note provides guidance to enable a thorough inspection, which must be carried out on portable or mobile cylinder gas equipment at suitable intervals by a competent independent safety inspector.

DfT Consultation on the conformity assessment and marking requirements for transportable pressure equipment

12/08/2021 News

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) has concluded its consultation and published a summary of the responses they received.

Multilateral Agreements – Carriage of Butadienes and Hydrocarbon Mixture, stabilized of Class 2

12/07/2021 News

The UK Department for Transport (DfT), as the UK Competent Authority, signed, on 12 July 2021, the following Multilateral Agreements.

EIGA Newsletter – June 2021

01/07/2021 News Publications

The European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) have published their latest newsletter.

EIGA 153/21 – Best practice and safe use of medicinal nitrous oxide

01/07/2021 News Publications

This document aims to promote the safe use of medicinal nitrous oxide (N2O) and N2O mixtures and to raise awareness on the misuse of these medicinal products.