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BCGA issue revision to Guidance Note 48

07/02/2023 News Publications

Type Approval and Conformity Assessment of Transportable Pressure Equipment in the UK. Revision 2: 2023 Clarification of the legislation in the UK for transportable pressure equipment, including the various type approval and conformity assessment requirements. BCGA GN 48 – Type Approval and Conformity Assessment of Transportable Pressure Equipment in the UK. Revision 2: 2023 can be […]

BCGA issue new Guidance Note 44 – Portable or mobile cylinder gas equipment. Thorough inspection.

01/09/2021 News Publications

This guidance note provides guidance to enable a thorough inspection, which must be carried out on portable or mobile cylinder gas equipment at suitable intervals by a competent independent safety inspector.

BCGA issue Revision to Safety Alert 01 – The hazards of using incompatible regulators with acetylene

09/08/2021 Publications

Incidents have occurred where unsuitable regulators have been used with acetylene gas.

BCGA issue revision to Leaflet 1 – The carriage of small quantities of gas cylinders

04/08/2021 Publications

Highlights the legal and basic safety requirements for transporting small quantities of gas cylinders on a vehicle whilst at work and provides sound advice if transporting gas cylinders for personal use.

BCGA issue new Leaflet 21 – Cryogenic installations. Managing ice build-up

21/07/2021 Publications

This leaflet outlines the problems associated with an increasing quantity of ice formation within a cryogenic installation and provides a methodology for safely removing the ice.

EIGA Newsletter – June 2021

01/07/2021 News Publications

The European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) have published their latest newsletter.

EIGA 153/21 – Best practice and safe use of medicinal nitrous oxide

01/07/2021 News Publications

This document aims to promote the safe use of medicinal nitrous oxide (N2O) and N2O mixtures and to raise awareness on the misuse of these medicinal products.

EIGA 170/21 – Safe design and operation of cryogenic enclosures

01/07/2021 News Publications

Cryogenic processes often operate inside enclosures that insulate the process equipment and interconnecting piping from ambient air and temperature.