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EIGA 123/21 – Code of Practice Acetylene

01/07/2021 News Publications

The EIGA Acetylene Code of Practice covers the basic requirements for the safe design and maintenance of acetylene plants as well as customer installations.

BCGA issue Technical Information Sheet 48 – Gas equipment. Security cages

21/05/2021 News Publications

Gas cylinders and associated equipment require safe and secure storage. TIS 48 – Gas equipment. Security cages. 2021, which provides guidance to enhance security where cages are used to store gas equipment, can be downloaded from the publications area of the website.


BCGA issue new Guidance Note 42 – Medical Gases. Incident reporting

20/04/2021 News Publications

This document provides information on the reporting systems available in the UK if there is an incident with, or a problem is identified with, a medicinal gas or its associated medical device.

The Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code List 2021

19/04/2021 Publications

The Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code (EAC) List has been produced by the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC), in co-operation with the UK Home Office, and is published by TSO.


BCGA issue Technical Information Sheet 28 – Non-refillable cylinders

16/04/2021 Publications

Non-refillable cylinders are widely used. They have similar hazards to other types of gas cylinders and are required to comply with the appropriate legislation and standards, as well as undergoing conformity assessment. Once empty they must not be refilled and must be disposed of responsibly.


BCGA issue Technical Information Sheet 7 – Guidelines for the safe transportation, storage, use and disposal of solid carbon dioxide (dry ice).

13/01/2021 Publications

Information and safety advice on all aspects of handling and using solid carbon dioxide (dry ice).


BCGA issue revision to Code of Practice 40 – Security requirements for the industrial, medical and food gases industry

16/12/2020 News Publications

This document addresses the issues surrounding the security of industrial, medical and food gases (including in liquefied form) and associated items held in bulk, as cylinder stock or in transport.


BCGA issue Leaflet 19 – Abuse of nitrous oxide

01/12/2020 Publications

This leaflet provides information on nitrous oxide and highlights the dangers from its abuse.