19 July 2022

British Compressed Gases Association head appointed to directorship role

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) Chief Executive has been appointed to the Board of Directors at the Trade Association Forum (TAF).

Ellen Daniels will join leaders of industry organisations across the UK who make up the Board, which is tasked with overseeing TAF’s operations and strategic direction.

The BCGA is a member of TAF, which is the representative body for associations in the UK.

TAF members span every industry and represent thousands of businesses across the country, from SMEs to large corporations.

Emily Wallace, TAF Interim CEO, said: “It’s fantastic to have Ellen on the TAF Board, as a real rising star of the sector she will bring new energy and ideas to TAF that will help to shape TAF to continue to improve its offer and support for members”

The BCGA is the UK membership body for the compressed gases sector. Its members employ 19,000 people directly and account for an annual turnover of £2.7 billion.

Ellen Daniels said: “I’m delighted and honoured to have been appointed to the TAF Board of Directors.

“TAF has been providing so much support to BCGA over the last couple of years, from ideas on how to communicate effectively with members right through to assisting with governance and sharing best practice on articles of the Association.

“We’ve experienced first-hand, the value of advice and information that comes from TAF and from networking with other organisations through TAF – and I’m delighted to be forging closer links with TAF and other industry organisations from across the UK.”

Committed to stringent quality, safety and environmental measures, BCGA members operate in a highly-regulated industry, with a focus on best practice in technical, safety, health and environmental issues.



Notes To Editors – About BCGA

The ‘invisible industry’ underpinning a safe, successful and healthy nation – industrial and medical gases are essential to the existence and wellbeing of thousands of people in the UK every day.

Industrial gases perform a wide-ranging role, supporting the manufacture of information technology, as well as key UK industrial sectors including steelmaking, refining, welding, chemical processing and electronics. They also help keep homes warm, water clean and food nutritious, appealing and affordable – while medical gases play a critical role in applications including respiratory care, pain therapies and anaesthesia.

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) is the UK membership body for this critical industry.

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