The British Standards Institute (BSI) have published the latest revision of PD 5500: 2024 – Specification for unfired pressure vessels. This latest revision can be accessed here:

PD 5500, the UK’s national pressure vessels code, has been instrumental in ensuring the safety and efficiency of unfired pressure vessel design, manufacture, inspection, and testing for nearly 50 years. The comprehensive guidelines provided by PD 5500, ensure pressure vessels adhere to the highest safety and performance requirements. With its impending 50th anniversary, the launch of PD 5500:2024 signifies a crucial milestone in the evolution of this vital industry standard, shedding light on its importance for mechanical engineers, pressure vessel designers, manufacturers, and inspectors across various sectors.

The launch of PD 5500:2024 marks the beginning of a new three-year publishing cycle, incorporating annual amendments to enhance clarity and correctness. Collaboration with industry experts ensures the code’s relevance, incorporating the latest technological advancements and addressing emerging challenges, thereby maintaining its status as an indispensable tool for the safe, efficient, and compliant creation of pressure vessels worldwide.

16 February 2024