Hydrogen use is growing and there are many new businesses who are becoming involved with hydrogen, both as a fuel and for a variety of new applications.  The gases industry has been involved with hydrogen for many years and has over that time developed a wide selection of standards and publications to transport, store and use hydrogen safely. The gases industry has come together in a single web-platform to make our hydrogen safety documents more easily accessible.

The European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), alongside the other major Associations, CGA, AIGA and JIMGA have launched a website – the Hydrogen Ecosystem – which is accessible at H2safety.info

The homepage is a visual representation of the hydrogen value chain, and you can select, with a cursor, a topic of interest. This can range from production, storage, transportation and applications.

Once the topic is selected, there are options for sub-categories and lists of applicable documents, with a direct link to where the standard or publication can be consulted or acquired.

There is a link to the ‘Hydrogen Ecosystem’ on the BCGA website, under ‘Gas Topics’ and ‘Alternative Fuels for Vehicles’.

28 October 2022