This document provides advice to the Homecare Service Provider about the minimum safety precautions to be given to a patient when they require to use medical oxygen supply systems outside the home environment and whilst travelling.

The advice can also be provided to the travel companies, such as airlines, train and bus operators and public services providers as a guideline for the safe use of medical oxygen supply system for domiciliary patients.

The document details the actions and roles in providing a suitable medical oxygen supply system for the:

  • patient when travelling with equipment;
  • patient’s normal Homecare Service Provider to provide support to the patient when travelling; and
  • Homecare Service Provider at the destination.

It also includes specific guidelines for homecare respiratory patients for using oxygen when, in transit, at locations outside the home and when travelling away from home for longer periods.

Templates are included for leaflets to be provided to the patient, advising the minimum safety requirements for the use of medical oxygen supply systems in transit, and for the travel service provider, for the safe use of medical oxygen equipment in transit.

Also provided is information covering carrying and/or using medical oxygen systems on different forms of transport and in different public environments, and on the permissions required when using medical oxygen supply equipment on public transport and in public areas. The document may be used by anyone involved in planning oxygen supplies for respiratory patients when travelling as well as by patients and those travelling with them.

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