BCGA is inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified employees of Member Companies for the position of President of the BCGA.

The President is a voluntary position, with no renumeration, and the position is held for a two year period typically running from a point around May time.
Historically this position has been filled from within existing members of the BCGA Council, however as part of the initiatives to engage and develop talent within the sector, the Council felt it necessary to seek an understanding of interest from within the wider membership.
The President, under normal circumstances, can expect to spend 1 to 2 days a month engaged with topics of interest and in meetings both internally and potentially externally.  The President will be a member of BCGA Council and a Director of BCGA with the responsibilities that brings, beyond the interests of any existing employer. They also will chair meetings of the Council, which is the body that is responsible for all aspects of Governance of the Trade Association.  They will also be expected to join the FG&P Committee.  Typically Council and this Committee will meet around 4 times per annum.
The main role of the President is to help promote the messages of the BCGA and in particular support the CEO of the Trade Body. This will involve various ad hoc and planned meetings relating to developing and prioritising strategy for review with Council, but also dealing with any topics that might arise from time to time.
Anyone wishing to show interest will ideally have an understanding of the workings of BCGA or another trade body, and had some experience within the sector over a number of years.
At this point Council is not solely looking at this cycle of Presidency but also looking to future potential candidates who may develop towards the role which aligns with the thinking of the Future Leaders Programme.
Additional information can be found on the BCGA website and should there be a desire to have a conversation in advance it will be possible to organise a conversation with a member of the existing council, by contacting the admin email below.

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Any expressions of interest to be sent to the with a title of BCGA President to the email.  The email should contain a brief summary of why you are interested in the role and a key bullet points of your experience within BCGA, other trade associations and within the wider sector. This should be no longer than 1 page long. Expressions of interest to be received by 5 pm on Thursday 22nd February at the latest.

08 February 2024