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Calling all professionals who design, manufacture and test transportable container valves – a vital industry standard has recently been revised.

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has recently published an update to the legacy standardBS 341-1:2022 Gas cylinders. Cylinder valves – Threads for connection of valves to gas cylinders. Specification.

The BS 341 series of standards has been in use for many years and valves made in compliance with this standard are still widely used.

This revision marks the first update to its guidance in over 30 years and will supersede previous versions of this standard in the industry. As a result, it is advisable that all current users of BS 341-1 ensure they are working to the latest practices provided in the newly published edition.

What has changed with the new BS 341-1?

BS 341 is a short, but important series of standards that cover the industry best practices for transportable gas container valves.

Over time, some of the information contained within this British standard series had been incorporated into European and international standards.  However, there remain several valve threads still in use, in Britain and in many other countries, not covered by these other industry standards.

As a result, the newly revised BS 341-1:2022 details requirements for and information on the range of British thread forms available for the valve inlet connection to the cylinder, as well as their associated inspection gauges, specifying:

  • Valve inlet connection threads
  • Neck threads of gas cylinders and other pressure receptacles
  • Thread gauges
  • Other historic features that continue to be used for cylinder valves

It has had any duplications and contradictions with these other standards removed, and now provides a comprehensive list of useful valve threads. This list includes the addition of the British 17T thread, which is used in the LPG industry.

Why is BS 341-1 needed?

The use of standards throughout the gas cylinder industry helps to facilitate trade, improve quality, increase trust and strengthen risk management.

The modernized BS 341-1:2022 contains critical, up-to-date safety information for manufacturers to adhere to. Its specification details best practices for some components that are not found in other standards, which is of relevance to the British pressurized gas cylinder industry.

The revised BS 341-1:2022 Gas cylinders. Cylinder valves – Threads for connection of valves to gas cylinders. Specification is now available to purchase on the BSI Knowledge website. Visit now.

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25 July 2022