Members' services

Our members provide a variety of services in the compressed gases arena:


Alternative fuels for vehicles
Globally there is a growing awareness of the environmental concerns around the use of traditional fuels. Gas powered vehicles with low, or zero, emissions from exhausts and a reduced carbon footprint are part of the future.

See a list of BCGA members that provide alternative fuels for vehicles 


Beverage Dispense Gas Services

The use of gases for beer and other drinks is widespread in the UK. Beverage gases are essential for the efficiency of your beverage dispense system and the quality of the beverage being served. Using approved gas cylinders, with the right specification of gas, correctly connected into your dispense system increases customer satisfaction and helps to ensure the safety of your staff.

See a list of BCGA members that provide beverage dispense gas services.



There are several BCGA members who can provide a consultancy service for the use and application of industrial, medical and food gases.

See a list of BCGA members that provide consultancy services.


Cryogenic Tank Providers & Disposal Agents

Cryogenic liquids are stored in specially built cryogenic tanks. The users, the owners and the gas suppliers have legal responsibilities and a duty of care to ensure that tanks are maintained, operated and filled safely.

See a list of BCGA members who provide cryogenic tanks and a whole range of associated services.


Cylinder Recovery and Disposal

Most gas cylinders belong to the gas suppliers who provide cylinders under a rental agreement. When no longer required these cylinders are returned back to the gas supplier. Other cylinders need to be disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way. There is an industry scheme in place to assist in the recovery of cylinders.

See a list of BCGA members that provide cylinder recovery and disposal services.


Cylinder Testing

Gas cylinders are manufactured and maintained in accordance with regulations and approved standards by competent people, as well as being approved by an Inspection Body.

See a list of BCGA members that provide cylinder testing services.


 Medical gas services

Many BCGA member companies are licensed by the Regulatory Authorities to manufacture and distribute the medical gases used within the UK and/or provide a range of associated equipment and services. 

Find out more about Medical Gas Services.


Pipework Installers

There are many applications for industrial gases which require a gas distribution system to be installed at the user's premises. These systems require installation and maintenance against regulations, recognised standards and by competent people.

See a list of BCGA members that provide pipework installations.


Training Providers

BCGA strongly supports the requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act for employees to be formally trained in the carrying out of their duties. Many BCGA members can provide relevant training.

See a list of BCGA members that provide training courses.