The Invisible Industry

Compressed industrial, food and medical gases improve quality of life and are essential to hundreds of thousands of people in the UK every day. 

They are the nation’s ‘invisible industry’ - a multi-billion pound sector employing thousands of people, which makes a huge impact to our economic and social well-being. 

The British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), which has been the sector’s membership body since 1901, has produced this online area to give an insight into the scope and scale of this vital industry.


Latest News

March 2017 – BCGA Launches Online Hub To Promote The Safe Use of Helium and Liquid Nitrogen.


White Paper

Here you’ll find out our White Paper giving a background to the Invisible Industry, where the BCGA sets out the scope and scale of the industry and its vital role.


Further Reading

An overview of the UK compressed gases industry and its vital ‘invisible industry’ role can be found on ur industry information publication pages.



BCGA representing the invisible industry

Committee Details

BCGA has a number of committees that are responsible for different aspects of the Associations function’s including technical advice and documentation.


Further Contacts 

BCGA benefits from a team of dedicated professionals that can assist with enquiries relating to compressed gases.