Safety Alerts 

The hazards of using incompatible regulators with acetylene. Revision 1: 2021

Incidents have occurred where unsuitable regulators have been used with acetylene gas. This has the potential to cause an explosion due to incorrect pressure or incompatible materials. This Safety Alert highlights the problem and provides advice on choosing a correct regulator.

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Hydrogen and oxygen flames generated from electrolysis of water - Safety devices: 2019

Equipment designed to generate gases, which results in a flammable gas mixture being created for the purpose of being ignited, is required to have appropriate safety devices fitted to protect the gas source and to provide safety for the operator. This Safety Alert highlights the requirements for the fitting of a suitable flame arrestor.

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Welding fumes: 2021

Highlights the hazards from welding fume. It explains the hazard and recommends safe behavior through identifying suitable safety information, appropriate engineering controls and the use of personal protective equipment to manage any residual risk.

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