Gas cylinder valve providers

Gas cylinder valves are critical components within a gas cylinder assembly and have to be designed, constructed, inspected, tested and approved against authorised standards and in compliance with Regulations. For further information on gas cylinder valves.

BCGA member companies who provide gas cylinder valves and/or a range of services and associated equipment include:

BCGA does not accredit, approve or in any way guarantee the services offered by members here and customers should make their own assessments of the quality of service being offered and of the competence of those offering the service.



Curran Gas Services
14 Castlecountess             Gareth Moore                       
Tralee T :  00 353 667126332
Co Kerry M :  00 353 879543467
Ireland E :



 Gas Control Equipment Ltd
100 Express Park           
Chris Tipper     
Penny Lane
T :  01942 292950
Haydock F :  01942 292977
St Helens  
WA11 9DB
E :
100 Empress Park      Andy Tassell       
Penny Lane T :  01942 292950
Haydock M :  07712 875776
St Helens
E :
WA11 9DB



Jackson Keay Gas Cylinder Services
Private Road           Neil Bradshaw        
No7 Colwick
Industrial Estate
T :  0115 961 7113
Colwick F :  0115 9618664
NG4 2JW E :
Luxfer Gas Cylinders
Colwick Industrial Estate          Zane Powers
T :  0115 9803800
E : customerservice@luxfer.ent


Speck & Burke
Alva Industiral Estate   
 Martin Speck
Alva  T :  01259 222600
Clackmannanshire  E :  
Scotland  W :
FK12 5DQ  
Spectron Gas Control Systems Ltd
Unit 4     Garry Wilkinson    
Advanced Technology Unit 1
T :  02476 416234
University Of Warick Science Park
M :  07870 563489
E :