Thinking of becoming a BCGA member?

BCGA represents the interests of the UK industrial, food and medical gases sector and maintains a close rapport with Government Departments, Regulators, Enforcement Agencies and other relevant Trade Associations. The objectives of the BCGA are the promotion of technology and safe practice.

There are currently two categories of BCGA Membership designed to reflect the needs of the gases industry. These are:

Full membership - this is for companies or individuals who have any practical involvement in the manufacture, mixing, handling, sales, distribution, storage or transportation of industrial, food and medical related gases or equipment.

Associate membership - this is for companies or individuals who have no practical involvement as noted in Full membership, and is therefore for designers, consultants, training providers, academics, interested individuals involved with the industry, other associations or simply those that regularly use gases in their work environment.

A Certificate of Membership is available for members. If you would like a certificate, then please email the BCGA office

Membership benefits

As a member you'll have access to a wide variety of benefits and services to help you develop your company including:

  • Information about all the latest news and updates in our industry
  • The opportunity to influence oncoming regulation and guidance produced by Government
  • The opportunity to be involved in developing standards (BS EN ISO) for our industry
  • Technical advice
  • Interaction with other members
  • The right to attend any of our Technical Sub-Committees
  • Access to, and free download of, all BCGA publications (including those for members only)
  • The opportunity to be involved in writing BCGA publications
  • Being able to attend the BCGA Conference at Member Rates
  • Appropriate listings on the BCGA website
  • An unwritten mark of esteem
  • The use of BCGA logo
  • And much more ...

BCGA committees produce various publications including Codes of Practice, which are supported by such as the Department for Transport, the Health and Safety Executive. and the National Environment Agencies. They also provide guidance on many aspects of the production, transport, storage and use of industrial, food and medical gases.

Members of the Association also contribute to British, European and International standards-making and co-operate closely with international gases organisations such as (European Industrial Gases Association) EIGA. Such activities enable us not only to influence matters that affect the gases industry, but also to bring to Members' notice early warning of impending items of legislation that could have an influence on their operations.

Applying for membership

Becoming a BCGA member couldn't be easier.

Simply fill in the membership application and turnover declaration forms using the links below, once completed and signed, please either email to or post it back to us at: 4a Mallard Way, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8GX .

Find out more

If you have any questions regarding BCGA membership, then please don't hesitate to contact the BCGA offices.